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We at Almothihel Medical pursue patient’s comfort, happiness and wellbeing of mankind with the advanced medical technologies and the world plentiful with practice of social devotion as the highest good. ALMOTHIHEL MEDICAL, is a professional corporation of medical instruments aiming at the unchanging target to promote the health of mankind. Our directors and employees aim at the first target to produce high quality, high level medical instruments as well as to have convenience of the products by correctly and fast identify needs of the customers. In order to develop the innovative medical instruments, we are constantly seeking for ideas now and continuing to make efforts toward the world best beyond to the best of the nation through creative thinking and ceaseless seeking for solutions of the research team. We will make the world with full of dreams and love through practice of social devotion. ALMOTHIHEL MEDICAL, has achieved advancement of the medical technologies of Saudi Arabia with domestic technologies developed by it. It is informing excellence of Americans medical technologies over the world as a representative corporation of medical instruments recognized by the world. Directors and employees of Almothihel Medical, will do their best in order to create advanced new satisfaction of the future based on this business confidence rather than being complacent on the current results. In addition, we wish to express our thanks to every customer who trust us and promise to be closer to you. Thank you.

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We will strive for excellence through creativity and innovation.


We will be truthful, equitable and committed to intellectual honesty.


We will foster intellectual, racial, social and cultural diversity.


We will achieve the highest standards of professionalism through ethical behavior, collaboration, self-education and respect for all members of Almothihel Medical.

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