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Balloon Dilatation Catheter – SUPERCROSS

NC SUPERCROSS Balloon Length

Non-Compliant Peripheral Balloon Dilatation Catheter


Directional high pressure Smooth and unimpeded.

Percutaneous intravascular peripheral arteriovenous angioplasty :
Precise high pressure dilation can reduce elastic retraction of blood vessels and avoid the balloon going out of shape like a “bone”.

The balloon dilation used in the dialysis for stenosis in natural or artificial arteriovenous fistula:
The majority of arteriovenous fistula stenosis is intimal proliferative stenosis, and the lesions are mostly in the fistula, the venous segment near the fistula, and near the dialysis puncture point. The elastic retraction rate after traditional PTA is relatively high.

Advantages of NC SUPERCROSS balloon:
1. Directional high-pressure dilation of lesions can effectively relieve vascular stenosis and reduce postoperative elastic retraction of blood vessels.
2. Reduce excessive damage to the vascular endothelium that may be caused by traditional PTA surgery, and avoid excessive intimal hyperplasia.